Software Purchase Request

  • When submitting a requisition for any software purchase, please attach a Software Purchase Request which can be found in the Technology Department Downloads under Purchasing. You will need to make a copy of the Google Doc to fill out your request.

    First, this form will be reviewed by the Director of Instruction to make sure software purchased addresses a state standard.

    The Technology Coordinator will then make sure you:

    • have compatible equipment to run the software,
    • are purchasing the correct license for your needs,
    • are aware if anyone else in the district has already purchased the software and how they feel about it,
    • are getting the best price for your purchase.

    We continue to have problems with people not completing this form when they purchase software and then the license being wrong or the software not being compatible with the equipment they have. PLEASE do not purchase software without fill out this form as a double check.

Ordering Technology Items

  • Purchasing Technology Items Procedures:

    1. If you already know which product you want and have an estimated price, skip to step 3.
    2. If you need a price for a product, or a recommendation for a product, start a work order requesting help in finding the product for which you are looking. We will do our best to research the best options and price a soon as possible. Depending on our workload, recommendations on products can take some time. If you have not heard back from us within a week or you need your item immediately, please contact Susan Lindsey by phone or e-mail.
    3. Submit an electronic requisition with the vendor being TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT.
    4. Once your requisition has been made into a PO, send a hard copy of the FILE copy of the PO to Susan Lindsey. Attached any information about the product or vendor pricing you might have.
    5. The Technology Department will order the item using a different PO and will close your PO once the item is received.
    6. Once the item is received by the technology department, we will start a work order for the product to be installed.
    7. A chargeback will be made from the PO you originally completed to the Technology Department.

    Link to Technology Item Purchases Guidelines