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    The brochure, found on the right, includes a contribution form which will allow you to donate to the extracurricular activities of your choice at any school in the District.

Where Money Goes


    • Contributions may be designated to an extracurricular activity of your choice.
    • Organizations can use the money to provide transportation, equipment, uniforms, improving facilities for that organization’s activities, paying volunteers for giving their time to the organization, etc.
    • Any before or after school activity that require a fee for student participation qualifies as an extracurricular activity.
    • These include: athletics, intramural activities, clubs, organizations or after school field trips.
    • Contributions may be divided among different extracurricular activities to total up to $400 for married couples filing jointly or $200 for singles. This means you can donate to more than one organization and to more than one school.


    • ARS 43-1089.01 allows married couples filing jointly to take up to $400 in tax credit or $200 for singles if they donate to extracurricular activities in public schools.
    • This tax credit is available to all taxpayers, even if they don’t have children in school.
    • Contributions are donated directly to the school, not to the state or even to the district.
    • Though contributions to public schools have always been tax deductible, a tax credit is subtracted from the amount of taxes you owe.

Tax Credit Brochure/Form

  • To take advantage of this tax credit, just fill out the form inside the brochure and mail it to the Safford Unified Schools District Office at: 734 W. 11th Street, Safford, AZ 85546.

    For more information, call any of the following school offices:

    District Office
    348-7000 ext. 7700

    Safford High School
    348-7050 ext. 5701

    Mt. Graham High School
    348-7060 ext. 6701

    Safford Middle School
    348-7040 ext. 4701

    Ruth Powell School
    348-7030 ext. 3701

    Lafe Nelson School
    348-7020 ext. 2701

    Dorothy Stinson School
    348-7010 ext. 1701

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