AzOnTrack Summer Camp

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    Thank you Parents and Students!

    The AZ On Track Summer Camp for Safford Unified School District was a huge success thanks to the parents who signed up their students to participate! Our students seemed to enjoy the summer camp feel and learned a lot!

    We still need your help!

    As part of the Summer Camp funding, through Governor Ducey's Office, we have been asked to survey parents of the students who participated to see how we did. Answering this survey may help the Governor's office decide if this is an initiative they wish to further fund, so please participate if your student came to the camps, especially if they had a good time! We would love to do this again!

    Camp Surveys:

    Please click on the camp name that your child participated in and answer the survey, if you can, please fill one out for each camp they participated in.

    Thank you again for helping make this a success for our students and staff!

    Reading Detectives

    History in the Making

    The Write Path

    It All Adds Up

    Pre-Kinder/Kindergarten Boot Camp

K-6 Schedule

Kindergarten Boot Camp Schedule