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    Home of the SUSD Crisis Response Team

    A crisis occurs, as a normal part of life, when problems or change are temporarily beyond our ability or capacity to cope, when our support system is inadquate, or when we are thrown off balance emotionally. 

    When a crisis affects our school community, the Crisis Response Team meets to assess the needs. Support is made available during this vulnerable period. The goal of the Team is to help enable individuals and the school community to make a healthy adjustment and to return to normal functioning as soon as possible.

Crisis Assistance

Hotlines for Help

  • These are hotlines for students to use in case of a crisis.
    Statewide in Arizona 800-248-8336 (TEEN)

History of SUSD Crisis Response Team

  • The need for a Crisis Response Team was recognized by the Safford Unified School Distict in 1997. The CRT is made up of volunteers from each school and the community. This is one group that hopes it doesn't have to do anything, but the Crisis Team continually prepares itself and is ready to respond when needed.

SUSD Crisis Team

  • District Office
    Kent Baldwin

    Dorothy Stinson School
    Kim Martin
    Hillary Waters

    Lafe Nelson School
    Deanna Crisler
    Carole Brady

    Ruth Powell School
    Jackie Evans
    Melissa Gutierrez
    Dee Scott
    Tina Young

    Safford Middle School
    Robert Park
    Debbie Pearson
    Sandra Rubio
    Tiffany Taylor

    Safford High School
    Melanie Allen
    Emily Clonts
    Sandra Jurado

    Mt. Graham High School
    John Nicholas
    Shelia Pompeo
    E.J. Romero

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