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  • Fred Flinstone with Dino playing baseball All students will be contributing and responsible citizens. With this mission in mind our athletic programs will strive to develop skills and attitudes in a positive environment.

    Our purpose is to provide caring, trained personnel to sponsor and coach our students. We will focus on operating a program with integrity and a sense of what is good, wholesome and educationally beneficial.



    Athletics enrolled in HDPA 

    Not permitted to play sports or be involved in extracurricular activities.


Athletic Fees

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     All sports will have a $80 Athletic Fee. 
    An athlete will not be permitted to participate (practice or compete) until the athletic fee is paid.
    Cash or Debit/Credit Cards are the ONLY form of payment accepted. Phone payments accepted.



    2023-2024 SHS Athlete Registration & Clearance Process

    FinalForms - Required



Arizona Interscholastic Association

  • AIA The AIA is a voluntary association of public and private high schools which was established by and is responsible to its members. The democratic governance of the AIA provides representation and input opportunities to all its member schools through their governing board members, administrators and teachers who serve on the Legislative Council, Executive Board and ad hoc committees.

    The history of the AIA, which can be traced back to 1913, has been marked by rapid growth, constant improvement, and successful achievement of its major goals. These achievements have occurred primarily through the harmonious and cooperative efforts of those individuals who have been selected by the membership to represent their interest.

    Live Videos, school records and many more interesting information about the schools in Arizona can be found on their website www.aia365.com


Athletic Handbook & Bylaws