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Resilient Arizona Crisis Counseling Program (CCP)

Resilient Arizona Crisis Counseling Program


 The Resilient Arizona Crisis Counseling Program (CCP), a free and confidential resource available to all Arizonans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the program is to assist individuals and communities in recovering from the psychological effects of the pandemic through community-based outreach, emotional support, and educational services. 

By calling 2-1-1, an individual can be referred to a Crisis Counselor who can provide supportive crisis counseling, education, development of coping skills, and/or linkage to resources. Please note that Crisis Counseling differs from typical Mental Health treatment as it seeks to prevent the onset of diagnosable disorders by helping individuals understand they are experiencing common reactions to extraordinary occurrences. Crisis Counselors are available for individual or group counseling sessions, where people are encouraged to talk about their experiences and receive information on ways to manage stress.

As the CCP Adult Coordinator and Child Specialist, we are responsible for providing education on the impact of pandemics and the importance of resilience and recovery. We are offering free webinars for community members, stakeholders, and agencies to learn more about the Resilient Arizona program. If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming webinars, simply head to our events page and register for the Resilient Arizona Webinar at