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Device Insurance Encouraged to Help Sustain New 1-to-1 Device Program

Students and teachers were pleasantly surprised as the school year opened with the district implementation of a 1-to-1 Chromebook program.  With the current Chromebook inventory and the addition of 1900 Chromebooks, all 2nd through 6th-grade classes received a classroom set of Chromebooks.  In grades 7th through 12th, all English, math, science and social studies classes received classroom sets of Chromebooks.  Kindergarten and 1st-grade classrooms received a 3-1 ratio of classroom iPads and shared access to classroom sets of both iPads and Chromebooks.  This is exciting news for our district that will change the way learning happens on a daily basis.

Funding for this implementation came through ESSER funds which is a one-time fund to help address the learning deficiencies that may have occurred due to Covid.  However, the sustainability of this program is going to rely on local funding.  SUSD is asking parents to help invest in their child's education by purchasing Device Insurance that will protect a student from being charged for damages while using SUSD devices.  But more than this, the insurance program will help ensure the 1-to-1 program can be sustained to offer better educational opportunities for students for many years into the future.  Chromebooks can only be used for 5 years before they have to be replaced.  By collecting insurance premiums for students, the district will have the funds necessary to pay for repairs of broken devices as well as help pay for future devices.  Sustainability is a key element for this program.

SUSD is asking all parents to purchase Device Insurance for their students to help SUSD sustain this 1-to-1 environment while protecting students from being charged for accidental damage while using devices.

CLICK HERE for Device Insurance Application or visit the Technology Department section of this website.